What does it mean to be real, raw and relevant in today’s world?

Being ‘real’ is risky. We are taught to often put our feelings aside, to be strong, politically correct, in agreement with those around us. Sometimes that isn’t authentic to who we really are. Being real means being true to who we are called to be, how we choose to think and how we represent our purpose. When it comes to real honesty, with matters of the heart, it takes courage to express ourselves. The fear of rejection can hold us back for years. If God has placed an assignment, a passion and a call on your life, I encourage you, do not let the fear of what others will think change your mind. Stop listening to the voices that are loud. Start listening to the one voice that you know to be the most powerful. God is waiting for you to do what He has designed and placed in your heart.

Being ‘raw’ isn’t always glamorous. Not everything is appealing in it’s raw state. Although sushi is one of my favorite choices, I know several people who’d prefer a meal cooked well done instead. The raw reality of what God has called us to do isn’t always beautiful in appearance. It takes sacrifice. It takes commitment. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Long after the attractive emotion is gone, you are left to complete what He has asked you to do. Will you continue and finish or will you stop and say God changed His mind?

Being relevant in today’s world is crucial. Connection with others is key to building and keeping relationships. To impact a community, it takes consistency and connection. The connection takes place when a common ground is shared. Your words need to be relevant to those you are speaking to. The fish always thought he was a loser because he couldn’t climb a tree. Then someone told him to go for a swim… That’s impactful.

Jesus was real. He never denied who He was even when they threatened to take His life. Jesus was raw. He spoke from the depths of His heart. Many didn’t like what He had to say, yet He said and lived it anyway. He accomplished what He set out to do. Long after the celebrations and the festivals were over, He ministered, healed and restored. Jesus was relevant. His timeless message touched those back then and it touches us today. May we be as real, raw and relevant as the One who gave His life for us. May we love with all our heart. May we have compassion for all people. May we live the life that God has called us to live, in authenticity and in love.

Are you ready for a real, raw, relevant life?


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