Stress. The word alone is known to not only raise eyebrows but blood pressure. 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago. 3 out of 4 doctor visits are for stress related ailments. 44% lose sleep every night. It’s no wonder we lose sleep when we have so much on our minds. Balancing work and family is enough to make your wheels spin. So when we lay wide eyed, in the middle of the night, replaying the day, worrying about tomorrow, that would be a good time to remember what the Bible says about anxiety and worry.

Philippians 4:6-7 says not to be anxious about anything,  but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God, and He will give you a peace that passes all understanding and will guard your heart and mind in Him.  Worry can lead to stress. Stress can lead to more than sleepless nights.

Begin to choose today to praise God in every situation.  Then ask Him to organize your life. Fill in the gaps. Change the direction of your circumstances.  We are not able to eliminate stress by our own power, but when we put our lives in the hands of the One who created us, we can. Stress is created by what you are thinking and dwelling upon. If you can change your mind you can change your attitude. When we pray IN FAITH; then PEACE must reign. If I truly give it to God, then there is no picking it back up and worrying myself sick over it. There is a supernatural peace that can KEEP (umpire) your heart. The peace of God makes your emotions to rest even when you are being thrown strike, after strike, after strike in the game of life. He’s watching the score… Don’t worry! The game is fixed! WE WIN IN CHRIST!


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