Real Protection

Insecurities are a nigh01-protect-your-photosnightmare in a busy mind. The thoughts we dwell on can steer us in a course we shouldn’t travel down.  Often times we find ourselves in a vulnerable place, unprotected and we can feel a physical sting from an emotional battle.

Have you ever started your day in an elevated mood, life in your mind is going well and you have much to be thankful for, only to find yourself lost in thoughts that you didn’t plan on creating and now your mood has shifted?  What happened?  Why did the movie we replay in our head have to be so tragic, negative or scary?
The Bible often talks about what we battle against. It’s not as simple or fair as 2 athletes in a boxing ring. We don’t fight against flesh and blood but rather principalities and powers of darkness. What does that mean exactly? Is all negativity darkness?  It can be, especially if Fear and Doubt detour you of the course God has put you on.
Reading Ephesians 6 reminds me of what to think of and how to prep for my day.  Putting on the whole armor of God is beneficial in every aspect. Protection in a physical world is obvious. But too often we fail to protect our spirits, our hearts and our minds.  Our thoughts, ideas, daydreams and visions all lead to our actions.
Here’s a call to action I am inviting you to take with me. Let’s test this. Start each day by thanking god for who He is in your life. Then by asking Him to tie up our waist with Truth, so the way we live is honest, without lies and fabrications to justify our actions. Put on the breastplate of Righteousness so our hearts and souls are covered from anything that tries to capture or enter in that doesn’t belong.  Wear your shoes of Peace so that the word of God comforts you and protects you on the journey you walk. Pick up and use the shield of Faith to protect yourself against any weapon that flies at you.  Put on your helmet of Salvation, which covers your head in times of vulnerability.  And when you pick up the sword of the Spirit and use it, you are able to pray, without stopping, being effective and purposeful with your prayers.
Let’s see if this works. Let’s see if when we do this, we notice the atmosphere shifting in our day to day life. Let’s see if our kids start to come around. Let’s see if our partners notice our spirits rising. Let’s see if the people we are praying for come to Jesus. Let’s see if our family is healed. Let’s see if promotions happen. Let’s see what powerful positivity can do in our lives.

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