A New Journey

Pioneer work is never easy. I doubt Lewis & Clark ever toasted a glass of champagne and said “Here’s to the Good Life!”  The definition of Pioneer is a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.  Pioneers are the first to discover a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.

The book of Genesis, chapter 6, talks about Noah, a true pioneer.  Noah was willing to hear God’s voice, to listen and obey His instruction, ignoring the risk of being labeled insane.  Noah prayed.  Noah listened.  Noah followed through with God’s plan even though water had never fallen from the sky before.  Even though his friends and family must have doubted, he didn’t.  The end result led to a new beginning and a new promise.
Queen Esther, long before she was ever a queen, had the same heart.  When she held her place as Queen, she faced a challenge, both morally and with the law.  She lived in a time where a woman could not enter the presence of the King, without being summoned.  The book of Esther explains the testimony of a woman who was part of a culture that was facing genocide.  She had a choice, does she risk her life and try to persuade her husband, her King, the ruler of the land to change his direction based off his advisors?  Or does she trust her God for protection of her people and a miracle?  Her decision and follow through of her commitment gained her favor in the king’s eyes as well as saved a nation of people from death.
Have you ever been faced with a choice that consumed your mind?  Have you ever felt a calling in your heart that wouldn’t ever leave?  Have you ever questioned why?  What do you do?
God loves you.  He has a plan for you.  He has a purpose, a calling and a way to give you success beyond your wildest dreams.  He needs a Noah, an Esther, a you.  You were created for a time such as this.  Some of you were called 20 years ago to start a movement, a spiritual revolution that shakes the shackles of mediocracy off your life.  Some of you are called today to change the comfortable, lucrative lifestyle for a position of mentorship and service.  You have been chosen to listen to the voice of Salvation and change the direction of your own life.  Your example will shift the atmosphere in your home, causing others to notice a change.  Maybe you are reading this and it’s all you an do to hide the tears because something is stirring in you.  You have a gift inside of you that God has given.  Today is a good day to bring your dream to life.
Be a pioneer in your life’s journey, with others and with God.  Believe that great things will happen!  Don’t delay and question, but rather come to a place of surrender, for it is then that you will gain so much more.  “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

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